Naked Mixed Thinspo
Naked Thinspiration has
swept the web and
internet lately.... seems
that most people want to
see it all without the
clothing to really see the
to be in, and that requires discipline. However, there are other ways to look good naked that don't involve hitting the gym or counting your calories.

edit Steps1Stand up straight. This is, by far, the most important step, because no one looks good naked when he or she is hunched over. Straighten your spine, throw your shoulders back, take a deep breath, and relax without letting your shoulders slump forward. Having good posture will
make your shoulders look broader if you're a guy, and it will make your chest look perkier if you're a woman. Plus, when you elongate your torso, you stretch out any fat in your midsection (when you slump, the fat clumps together into rolls and folds).

Aim to stand on the diagonal, with a twist at the waist to the front instead of facing your viewer straight on- this will naturally cinch you in. Drop your shoulders down and subtly arch your back, this will flatten your belly and make your boobs appear perkier.
Whether standing, walking or sitting down aim to keep one leg in front of the other, this slims the body. And when sitting, a quick trick if you want to elongate your legs is to point your toes. Eye contact is crucial, it makes all the difference between being just a naked body, or somebody naked, so
use it wisely.

2 Don't eat right before you strip. No one is going to look good naked with a stomach stuffed full of pasta. If you want to look good naked, make sure you eat in moderation before you take off your clothes! You should also stay away from foods that cause gas and bloating (beans, carbonated
beverages, etc). If your stomach expands anyway, try to go for a walk or make a trip to the bathroom--both will help move things along, so to speak.
3Take care of your skin. When you're naked, it's all you've got. First, exfoliate your skin (especially rough patches like elbows and knees) to remove dead skin cells and expose a fresh new (soft) layer of skin. You may also want to shave or wax any hair that you find unflattering. Just remember
that waxing can cause irritation, so make sure you have enough time for any redness and swelling to subside. And with shaving, time it so that you're not dealing with a five o'clock shadow (stubble) just when you're about to take off your clothes. If you have the time, use self-tanner to even out
your skin tone and mask any imperfections.
4 Update your hair. Your hair is the only fashion statement you'll be wearing so it needs to look current, soft, healthy and touchable (give the hairspray and sticky gel a miss, unless you really, really need it). Most important of all, you need a cut which suits the shape of your face and is in
proportion to the size of your body. Find a good hairdresser and visit often for a regular trim and occasional restyle.
5Don't forget your extremities. Jagged nails, white knuckles, and the smell of onions you cut for dinner stir-fry just aren't flattering. Clip your nails to an appropriate length, wash your hands and feet, and apply some lotion if they're dry. Additionally, you can get a professional manicure and
pedicure or learn to do it yourself, if that's the look you're going for. Keep your hands relaxed and free, or place one on your hip to emphasize your curves. And whatever you do- don't fiddle.
6Apply a bit of makeup, if it's your thing. (Men can wear makeup too.) A natural look will go best with your natural body, and besides, you don't want your face paint to come off on the bed cloths. Just a little bit of subtle makeup can work wonders to accentuate your good points and camouflage
the points you're less than happy with. And you can also use a bit of body makeup to cover up flaws such as spider veins.
7Smile. If you're not happy with the color of your smile, look into teeth whitening options. Most importantly of all, smile because it signals that you're happy with your body, and will make you (and anyone else who's present) feel comfortable with your nakedness.

8Let your eyes sparkle! When your smile reaches your eyes, you want them to sparkle, not show the effects of too many nights burning the candle at both ends. Get plenty of beauty sleep before taking it all off, or as a last resort for a special occasion, use eye drops to give your eyes a special

9Smell good. Don't overpower the world with too much fragrance or use a whole selection of competing products - differently perfumed shampoo, deodorant, soap and body lotion can be a toxic combination. Lightly layered perfume from matching bath products and no more than a light spray of
fragrance from the same range will leave you smelling good as well as looking good.
10 Adjust the lighting. Remember that no one looks their best under bright fluorescent light - soft lighting or candle light will improve the mood of the moment AND your body. It'll also make your pupils dilate, which creates a subconscious impression that you're more attractive!
Back lighting is great for smoothing out lumps and bumps so position yourself in front of the strongest light, or in front of a window if you are getting naked before nightfall. But don't forget, those outside will also be able to see in!

11 Feel good naked. In the end, the most important thing is that you feel comfortable in your own skin, and that you realize that your body isn't perfect--no one's is. If you've taken the steps above and you still dread seeing (or letting someone else see) what you look like naked, dig a little
deeper. Build your confidence from the inside out.
12Get the room temperature right. Although the cold will make your breasts stand to attention, shivering with hunched shoulders isn't a sexy look. A glow is good, but sweating profusely is not.
13Accessorize. Accentuate your nakedness with a prop or accessory. A necklace, scarf, or feather boa are great, but don't be afraid to go with something a little more unusual. This will give you something to work with if you are a little nervous, and also, tantalizingly, emphasizes your au natural
14Get confident and get naked. No one else has a body like yours- so show it off in all it's glory.
Caffeine Supplements
Today’s urban warriors are much the same. Ginseng, caffeine and Eastern medicine are still being utilized.
Now as it was then, you are no where without the basics namely sleep, smart eating and exercise. First aim for at the minimum 6hours of sleep a night, for some a brief nap may lead to greater alertness and productivity.
Pack in energy-promoting foods. The definition of energy is calories so make them count. Veggies provide fiber, vitamins and nutrients. Nutrition bars are a great source as well ...
Caffeine is America’s most popular drug some 85% of Americans drink coffee or some type of caffeinated product. Americans usually are not the healthiest of the planets people there are better choices to make.  South Central
America they use a product called Yerba Mate and
Guarana. West Africa the caffeine choice is kola nut and leaf.
Caffeine works by stimulating the nervous system to speed up the heart rate, raise blood pressure and rev up the metabolism (helping the body lose weight.) It also heightens alertness and concentration...

The facts about "Carb" depleting You cannot completely delete "carbs" from your life. You need them to keep energy and focused. Their are many diets and products on the market today that can confuse anyone. Even someone who
actually knows!

I measure myself everyday to see where I am at.  I weigh myself everyday. I read all the diet information I can get my hands on and I check my body fat .
I concentrate on my
thinspiration and keep motivated. I stand on my head for ten minutes a day and do 50 push ups and 60 sit ups everyday without fail!!
This is something not proven but does seem to work for all who try it. I wear magnetic rings on different fingers for different results. This is something that works for me. I wear to magnetic rings on both of my pinky fingers when I
sleep and I do have a magnetic mattress pad this is supposed to prevent all types of illness and eliminate swelling, not to mention keep you looking younger.
I keep a  food journal, this is a proven weight management tool everyone should try.
exercise everyday.I have a part time job as a "floater" in a gym. A "floater" is someone who just comes in to teach and leaves. It is great because I work out for free, and I have to because it is my job.  I learned that if you gain muscle
you lose more weight because your body continues to burn more fat. I sleep at least 6 hours a night and drink plenty of water. To keep my skin healthy at bedtime I massage pure almond oil into the areas I want firmer I also use some
moisturizing products to really enhance the skin, and I take one aloe vera capsule two times a day to avoid looking older or you can drink it for quicker results... Aloe juice.
I take a Cayenne supplement to boost my metabolism.I take a multi-vitamin and I drink a pro-biotic to avoid any yeast. Yeast can make you stop losing weight even in
starvation mode.
When you don't eat very much your metabolism can slow down and you stop losing weight. Because heavy spices bother my stomach I take a supplement. It is preferable to actually eat the spices. I use apple cider vinager on my
salads and in a tincture to help better my digestion and quicken my weight loss.
I suggest that everyone who wants to lose weight and look great, do some of the same. Try some of the
diets on my site and recipes. Follow the tips. Stay focused!!

Buy yourself all the tools you need to attain your goals.
With any lifestyle it takes investment. The good thing about this change in lifestyle is that you save money on food and spend your money on a lifetime of self satisfaction.
Pick out a great measuring tape maybe an electric one and body fat counter. Always have an accurate Scale buy a diet book that has foods in it that you like. I
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Body cleansers work because they clean the body of the toxins it is holding. If the body is holding to many toxins it does not lose weight rapidly or work efficiently. I am sure you have heard about all the new teas and cleansers. They
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