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2/28/08 Here's model Kate Moss posing as the new face of Yves Saint Laurent. Kate was selected by Stefano Pilati, who is
the creative director of YSL to represent the new spring/summer line!  Thank heavens she finally ditched her  crackhead
Pete Doherty - and is now dating Jamie Hince (guitarist for the kills) in September it will be three years since her
now infamous cocaine scandal.. WOW, How that time passed... At first I thought it would kill her career but actually the
opposite happened! If she is smart she learned her lesson, to be more careful with who she does drugs in front of. From
looking at photos of her all the time I'm not going to say that she still dabbles in good times, but it does appear from the
pictures to look that way.  Although after her 34th birthday celebration (with rumors of a drug fueled orgy taking place which
she sued a tabloid over and won a retraction along with damages) she asked her mom Linda to move in with her. Kate felt
that her Mom would  provide some stability for Kate's daughter Lila Grace (who turns 6 in September) So, maybe Kate  has
put her partying & messy ways behind her finally! These new pictures and the short video 'mainfesto' tied into the new YSL
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