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For three years, Kirstie Alley has fought the battle of the bulge and she has finally lost (via People). Alas,
Kirstie couldn't resist those food temptations and was finally pushed out the door at Jenny Criag. The "Fat
Actress" will continue to participate in the "maintenance program," while the weight loss center is adamant
that their program works.

Kirstie stopped shedding pounds and couldn't keep up with the disappearing Valerie Bertinelli, who appears
side-by-hoof with Kirstie in commercials. Now that the Queen, Latifah that is, has joined Jenny to promote
healthy weight loss, there was no room on the scale for Alley. Hopefully, Kirstie isn't an emotional eater.
I sometimes wonder if the National Enquirer has some sort of vendetta against Kirstie Alley… I mean,
they publish terrible and photoshopped pictures of her, not to mention the fact that they are always doing
some sort of “weight” story on her.

The cover photo above, for example, is clearly a hack photoshop job.

Anyway, this latest article is claiming that Kirstie has been a nightmare to work with, both on the Jenny
Craig campaign and the set of her last movie (filmed in Vancouver). Apparently Kirstie was so bitter over
having to work with Valerie Bertinelli that she did nothing but complain and act like a diva the entire time.
She also yelled at cameramen, saying they were trying to make her look bigger than she was.

“She accused cameramen of shooting her from unflattering angles and purposefully making her look
heavier. One time Kirstie screeched: ‘What are you trying to do - make me look even bigger?’“

The “insider”, who supposedly worked with Kirstie during her Jenny Craig commercial shoots, goes on to
say that Kirstie has strict rules about healthy food needing to be around at all times.

“Are you people stupid? I’m on a diet shooting a diet commercial, and you bring donuts on the set? Why
don’t you just put lard on my thighs!”

(She has a point on that one!)

I can’t really say that I believe much of this article… tabloids have been outright making things up lately
just for shock value.

Cover source: PopBytes.com
Story source: National Enquirer, January 28th 2008 edition