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2/20/08 I swear, it's a pregnant celebrity extravaganza this morning. Now, Katie has only been rumored to
be pregnant, after it was being reported that she had purchased some baby blankets, but still..... We're
keeping a close eye on that tummy, just in case it happens to expand and we find ourselves vindicated.

The young actress was presenting the Swarovski President's Award to the CEO of United Artists
Entertainment at the Costume Designers Guild Awards, where we first reported that she was being
referred to as "Kate" on the list of celebrity attendees.

I don't know how I feel torn about this outfit. One one hand, she looks straight out of the roaring twenties,
with her haircut and dress and it's a beautiful color, fabric and cut. On the other hand, I almost feel like it's a
bit too much material around the sleeves to be flattering. What do you guys think?