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How to Increase Your Metabolism
Models struggle with weight gain just as
much as anyone else. And, like everyone
else, once they hit 30 years old it
becomes progressively harder. Studies
show that after 30, women lose 1/2 a
pound of muscle every year and gain the
same amount in fat! If you want to go to
castings, you need a way to stop this
Obviously going to the gym and eating
right are important, but you can also
make your body work for you. Increasing
your metabolism, by reducing your
alcohol consumption for example,
means that even when you are at rest
you are burning calories. Here are some
great ideas that my friends in modeling
have used.

Don't starve yourself!
The first instinct of many dieters is to
put themselves on the starvation diet,
but although this can help you quickly
lose a couple of pounds, its not the right
way to lose weight in the long run.
When your diet drops below 700
calories, your body goes into 'starvation
mode', which slows down your
As well as feeling groggy and tired, you
will be using far less calories than usual
and making it even harder for yourself
to lose weight! The answer is to eat a
sustainable low-calorie diet, but never
to make your body push the 'panic
button' like this as it is
Also make sure to eat breakfast. If you
skip it, your body will enter its 'starve'
mode early in the day and it will be hard
to break out. To keep your metabolism
working all through the day, eat small,
low calorie snacks between meals. If you
bring your calories down slowly and stay
consistent then weight will continue to
come off.
Decrease your alcohol consumption
That's right - stay off the booze!
Although certainly not the most fun part
of increasing your metabolism, cutting
down your alcohol intake will help as
much as anything. Studies show that
alcohol suppresses the body's ability to
burn fat.
It may be hard to completely cut alcohol
out of an active social life, so why not try
limiting yourself to one drink a night. If
you make it a high-volume, low-alcohol
drink (a lite beer for example), you might
find it easier to get through the evening!
Black Pepper, Ginger, Chile Peppers
Spicy food doesn't just taste great, it
actually increases your metabolism too.
Black Pepper, Ginger and Chile Peppers
all raise your body temperature and help
you burn fat faster!
Careful though - the curries you find in
restaurants are often oily and fatty, so
cooking your own spicy food is always

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