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Question :
I am a former athlete and used to eat anything I
wanted. I no longer train like I used to but I have
horrible cravings. Sometimes I feel as if I can't stop
eating. I remember having instances like this when
growing up too. I haven't gained that much weight,
because I work out and sometimes restrict eating
after a binge. I know what I am doing is unhealthy
but can't seem to stop. I am afraid it is getting out of

Answer :
If we eat because of emotions and not hunger, then
we're bingeing. A binge is often followed by a purge
-- perhaps restricting food intake or increasing
exercise or even inducing vomiting. We all use
these behaviors at some time or another; how often
we use them and to what extent are the key.
Restricting our food intake by dieting can often set
off a binge. Others use bingeing as a way to calm or
soothe themselves in emotionally charged

Can you figure out why you are bingeing? Does it
happen only at certain times, after specific events,
with certain situations, in specific places? Many of
us use bingeing as a response to something
happening in our life that we just don't know how to
handle. If we can figure out a different way of
dealing with a situation, we won't need to binge.
This may sound simple, but it really can take quite a
bit of work both to understand the reasons behind
bingeing and to then substitute another behavior. A
therapist can often help sort out the situation.

There are some great books that talk about why we
eat, why we choose certain foods to eat, etc. Pick up
a copy of Intuitive Eating by Evelyn Tribole and
Elyse Resch or The Diet-Free Solution by Laurel
Mellin. They can help you understand the reasons
behind bingeing and give suggestions for how to
stop. Some that have worked for others:

Set a goal to eliminate the goal of weight loss; it's
next to impossible to focus on both losing weight
and preventing binge eating.
Identify an alternative behavior to replace bingeing.
For example, someone who binges when they are
under stress could try stress reduction techniques
such as relaxation, yoga or meditation.
Remember to listen to your body and eat when you
are physically hungry. If we deny ourselves food,
it's much easier to fall into a binge.

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gain back control over these moments..
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